Reza Bahram

    Reza Bahram

    Reza Bahram ( born January 10, 1992 in Yazd ) is an Iranian vocalist. He presented his single track “ Az Eshg Bego “ in milad tower for starting the 36th trespass ceremony of “ Fajr International Film “ festival.

    Reza halavarjani by the pen name of Reza Bahram began to study in the majoring “ Financial Management “ at Elm –va-Farhang university in “ Yazd” city.He is the second son of the family . he’s got an older sister and the younger one. his older sister is a horsewoman and the younger one is a professional athlete in a “ Canoe polo ”.that is a singer his father encourage him but he was dead Same time in year of 1384 , Due to discomfort , he forgot to be a singer a he didn’t care it . On that time football was his favourite major . and he was playing football in “Foolad-e-yazd” team and after that he ineterlly was in “foolad khozestan “ team and in that team his was injured so he had opration after three years that Abandoned football. his injury made him start singing again.



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